Wall mounted storage system Kenovo

Kenovo DuraTrax - a universal system of organizing space . From floor to ceiling!

We offer convenient , reliable and quick to install wall mounted storage system that allows you to quickly organize the space and arrange comfortable :

garage, hozblok , utility rooms and closets (including a country house , cottage and garden ) loggias, balconies, attics, basements, workshops (including auto repair ) sports venues and facilities , as well as facilities for sports and recreation ( base for hunters and fishermen , recreation , etc.) Kenovo DuraTrax system designed to organize the storage of automobile, sports, hunting and fishing equipment , bicycles , tools, and household chemicals, and garden equipment . Using our system , you can rearrange , move instantly to dismantle and re- mount the fixture as possible. Or order the project equipment garage , business, sports facilities our specialists.

The system consists of two structural units :

Rails that are attached to the walls with screws . The rails are made of steel coated with durable powder paint designed for loads up to 300 kg per meter with a corresponding mounting instructions . On steel rail is worn decorative plastic tire, which gives the design a neat and modern look. Rails have several sizes lengths.

Various accessories mounted on these rails - it hooks , shelves, baskets and other useful accessories . All metal parts are made of steel and light alloys. Engineers in the development of an increased margin of safety defined as the product originally intended for use in difficult conditions. Steel parts are painted with a durable powder coating. All hooks obrezinena that would protect the items stored on them . Much attention is paid to security : shelves and hooks have latches , not allowing them to spontaneously come off the rails , but at the same time not hindering their build-up/break-down one motion .


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