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Private enterprise " Kenovo " is official representative of KENOVO MANUFACTURING in Belarus. Australian concern KENOVO MANUFACTURING designs and manufactures system of organization of space for a dwelling house, garage, basement , workshop, sports facilities.
 This product is highly appreciated by buyers from Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, Netherlands, Peru, Russia, France, Australia, Sweden, Spain, South Africa, United Kingdom. System «Kenovo DuraTrax» exceed expectations of European consumers in terms of efficient use of storage space, high aesthetics, functionality and reliability.
 Products «Kenovo DuraTrax» presented in the shops «B & Q» (the largest network of more than 358 hypermarkets located in the UK), «Castorama» (large network building hypermarkets located in France , Poland, Russia), «Senukai» ( large network hypermarkets Lithuania), «Wikimart» (Wikimart.ru russian online shopping mall with a turnover of 110 million dollars).
 Direct delivery to the Republic of Belarus allow you to set a  retail prices at the level of the European shops. Private enterprise " Kenovo" is the official representative of KENOVO MANUFACTURING provides comprehensive support to users of the system storage.
  Basis «Kenovo DuraTrax» is a rail mounted on the wall. Later the user himself determines the desired configuration storage system. It may be a dressing room for the house and the whole complex for storage in the garage, in a closet in the basement (configuration change presents no difficulties for the user).

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