Bicycle storage and sports equipment in the apartment.

The apartment does not have much storage space for bicycles . Beautiful pictures of clean bike stored in a residential area will not be considered as part of the practical solutions is questionable .

Hranenie velosipeda

Hranenie velosipeda

Hranenie velosipeda

Hranenie velosipeda

First, bike , especially a new one, has its own special smell that is not very pleasant . Second, the bike ride which really is not that kind of design , because the wash wheel frame is not always possible .

Hranenie velosipeda

Ideally bicycle should not be placed in the living room , not to interfere with the movement . Also, when storing bicycle permit rapid removal and installation of storage place . Frequently bikes for winter moved to permanent storage to the cottage or garage. A bicycle storage would be nice to use for storing seasonal sports equipment such as skis , sledges , or snowboard. What place can be used for bicycle storage ?

Balcony or loggia .

Of course, we are talking about the glazed balcony or loggia . During the summer, a bicycle can be stored horizontally , using attachment type or GSH12 GSH29. If this type of mount hung on the rail , you can additionally hang on a hook GSH22 helmet. In addition , you can hang a small basket in which to store accessories, rack , pump , pressure gauge, grease .

Hranenie bike on the balcony 

If bike and a few seats in the balcony are not enough, you can use the bracket for vertical bike storage . In this case, one meter wall , you can store up to three bikes. In this case the rail mounted at a height of 1.8 m - 2.1 m On additional rail to hang helmets , pumps . Lots of questions and disputes about the vertical storage for bicycle wheel. Opponents of this storage method believe that the wheel can stretch during storage. But if we pay attention, when storing the bike using hook GSH11 hook is not fixed at the upper wheel and side . And stretching the rim is spared force is distributed evenly on the rim . In any case, during storage for bicycle wheel force of the impact is minimal , bicycle weighs 15 kg , 80 kg weight of the cyclist ( a static load , upon arrival at the border force on the wheel increases at times) . When pulling spokes wheel spokes tension force of 80-100 kg, which is not harmful to the rim. If the storage wheels with hook fastening at the top takes you stretch the rim , then change the wheels, ride on these wheels just insecure .

If arguments about the safety of vertical storage behind the wheel you are not convinced , then use the method of storing the handles bike using hooks or GSH12 GSH29. The disadvantage of this method - in suspending the inconvenience . And if you need to store a couple of bikes , you must hang below the additional rail or use single mounting blocks .

to protect from the sun , use a bicycle on a bike covers or blinds on the windows . Do not store in the winter bike on an open balcony . If winter bikes are moved to storage in another place , the hooks can be easily removed and the seat reserved for bicycles, take other sports equipment : sleds, skis, snowboards , skates , helmets, sticks . You can store and shovel snow .

Storage .

Storage is the most ideal place for bike storage in the apartment. In addition , you can store bicycles and other things , so better to hang rail in two rows , for example at a height of 2 meters and 1.2 meters. When storing the bike vertically , leave a space for easy removal of the bike. Part of the wall or the entire wall can be provided for dressing system for storage (or sportswear ) , storage street balls. Be sure to leave space for baskets or GSH18 GSH25 ( it is smaller ) , in this basket can accommodate accessories for bike , backpack and gloves mandatory (it is the protective gloves ) . In cycling periodically check required pressure and pumping wheels , and when removing the protective cap , scroll wheels, easy to smear your hands . Better if the gloves are always at hand .

Krepleniya bicycle Kenovo.

summary corridor .

If you have the space and with the consent of neighbors bike can be placed in the general corridor . Optional mounting depends on the type of space, but in any case in the area of ​​bicycle wheels attach to the wall powerful anchor . Pass through a anchor , wheel and frame steel cable , chain and better with the usual half or combination lock ( wire -wound easy snacking ) , it protects the bike from theft .

Another option is to keep the bike in the apartment, it is hanging on the ropes from the ceiling. The method used in the free space in the corner. Under suspended bike can accommodate the second bike . This storage method is rarely used , affects the complexity of installation and limited ceiling height (if not higher ceiling height of 2.5 meters , the second to put the bike under a suspended bike is not always possible ).

Ride your health !


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